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Winning at roulette is generally the luck of the draw, with the game being one of chance.

However with such a history of numbers, many people will uncover pockets of statistics that seem to pop up, leading them to believe that you could essentially follow a roulette betting system to lead to easy profits.

One system that seems to pop up in every form of gambling is the martingale roulette system.

The martingale system is where you increase your bets so that you cover any losses. Normally it is for a 50 percent punt, or in roulette 49% with the number zero being excluded in color, or odds and evens, however there are versions for different odds.

A simple explanation would be...

Place a $1 bet on Black, if it wins you profit $1, however if you loose, then on the next spin you place a $2 bet on black, now if you win you have spent $3 all up and won $4, a profit of $1. However if you loose the second time, then on the third spin you would bet $4 on black, now if you win you have spent $7 to win $8, still a profit of $1. (This would continue until you win, then you would start again)

The big problem with this system is that it is not uncommon to get streaks of 10, 20 or even more reds before a black is spun, therefore you would quickly run out of money before the black comes up.

On top of this, most casino tables have a limit so even if you did have enough money you would not be able to continue the system.

One way to combat this is to wait until you see 5, 10 or more blacks come up in a row, then start your martingale roulette system from there, this increases your chances of winning with less chance of running out of money. However this is still not perfect, as there is no reason the red streak couldn't last for ever since it is always a 49% chance on each spin.

Casinos are also on the look out for people using systems, so a good way to make quicker profits is with free roulette software for online casinos, while the software is free to download, you will need to purchase a licence (But trust me, you won't believe the price).

This winning roulette system is by the best I have seen, make sure to read my full review at the link below, to see how I use it to it's full potential.

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